Webs By Materials And Properties

Find a web by specifying the two materials you want to adhere and the properties you desire.

Material 1: Recommended glue line temperature °C:
Material 2: Heat resistance °C:
Wash resistance °C:
HF weldable:
Plasticizer resistance:
Dry cleaning:

Proposed webs: 

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The above mentioned articles need approximately 48 hours to gain the final bond strength after lamination. Therefore washing tests should not be carried out earlier than 48 hours after lamination. The web could have splices, shadowing, i.e. stripes which are due to production process. Splices are marked.
The information provided is to be considered as a recommendation only. The values can change under different usage conditions. In any case it is the buyer's responsibility to test and verify the suitability of the adhesive web for the particular purpose. Liability is limited to the replacement of adhesive webs supplied, not for laminated products.

last update: 2013-01-01

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