TecWeb® - Designed For High Demand Applications

Aligned For Successful Application


TecWeb® is normally shipped without release liner, though web on release paper can be ordered on special request. TecWeb® adhesive is not a film with a closed surface, but a porous three dimensional structure. The open structure makes the resultant laminate more flexible and breathable.


Flexible And Innovative


TecWeb® offers an extremely versatile pallet of High-Tech adhesives. This large flexibility results from different base polymers used to formulate the webs, e.g. co-polyamides, co-polyesters, co-polyolefins and polyurethanes. Webs are produced from 6 to 60 g/m² and in wide widths.


Temperature, Pressure and Time


In order to process TecWeb®, three fundamental parameters are to be considered: temperature, pressure and time. To activate the adhesive, a glue line temperature above the melting point is required. Pressure and time are then coordinated with the respective substrates, in order to ensure the highest quality laminate.