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TecWeb® - Flexible for the highest demands

What is TecWeb®?

Aligned For Successful Application

As standard, the dry thermoplastic TecWeb® is delivered on a roll without foil or silicone paper. On customer request, delivery on a carrier is possible. TecWeb® adhesive is not a film with a closed surface, but a porous three dimensional structure. The open structure makes the resultant laminate more flexible and breathable. Due to the structure of TecWeb® adhesives, other names such as veil, non-woven, nets or fleece adhesive are common.

Flexible And Innovative

TecWeb® offers an extremely versatile pallet of High-Tech adhesives. This large flexibility results from different base polymers used to formulate the webs, e.g. co-polyamides, co-polyesters, co-polyolefins and co-polyurethanes. Webs are available in weights from 6 g to 60 g per square meter and in wide widths.

Temperature, Pressure And Time

In order to process TecWeb®, three fundamental parameters are to be considered: temperature, pressure and time. To activate the thermoplastic web adhesive, a glue line temperature above the melting point is required. Pressure and time are then coordinated with the respective substrates, in order to ensure the highest quality laminate.

Why TecWeb®?

Special Characteristics

  • predictable performance and adhesion strength
  • light weights
  • open structure: does not trap air, steam- and air-permeable
  • superb mechanical properties, excellent vacuum or thermoforming characteristics
  • high resistance to chemicals such as lubricants, fuel and oils
  • soft hand and high elasticity of flexibility
  • limited penetration into porous or absorbent materials / substrates
  • limited rustling noise (compared to a film or foil)

Production / Handling

  • supplied in roll form
  • continuous production
  • easy to work with, high operating speed
  • clean handling; no cleaning process necessary
  • bonding of large material surfaces
  • thermoplastic features
  • rapid cooling
  • processing and activation by flat-bed laminating, heat and pressure calendering or infra-red systems
  • depending on the type of TecWeb®, steam activation and HF welding is possible
  • resistance to coldness: unproblematic concerning transport and storage


  • 100 % solids, no water
  • environment-friendly: solvent-free and plasticizer-free
  • edge to edge coverage
  • precise adhesive weight on total surface
  • consistent product quality, high reproducibility
  • less waste (adaptable widths and weights)


Product Overview

Co-polyamidesSteam activatable, high chemical stability and oil resistance.


Bonds a variety of fabrics and other substrates as well as PVC.
Co-polyolefinsGood wash characteristics; favourable price, efficient and effective.
Co-polyurethanesOffers aggressive bonding to a wide range of products / substrates.