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Possible processing technologies

Low-priced, fast and efficient

One of the most efficient lamination procedures is the so-called transfer printer or thermal calender. This type of production is particularly suitable for relatively thin, flexible and stable materials. Due to intense automation and high operating speeds, this method is very cost efficient.

Lamination Suitable For High Quality

Among the most versatile lamination procedures is the flat bed laminator (or continuous fusing press).
Because this system is height adjustable, it is especially suitable for thick/lofty materials that may be sensitive to compression.

TecWeb® Remains Very Flexible

In addition to pressure and time, heat is needed to activate TecWeb® adhesive. Through the above processes, two, three, four or more layers can be combined in one pass. TecWeb® can also be pre-coated on materials to later be reactivated to combine with another substrate in an additional process.